Pure Forskolin 250 Customer Reviews 2018: Ingredients, Side Effects, Prices & Where To Buy It

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Pure Forskolin, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it.

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Forskolin is an extract from the root of a plant in the mint family, and has been in the diet industry as an active ingredient for several years, including the widely taken product Pure Forskolin 250.

The diet industry is a 60 billion annual industry, which means there are literally thousands of products out there you can try.

Which means you need some value for money and not something that burns money but not fat. You’ll also need some evidence that what you are trying is safe and will work. But how do you find a product that really works for you?

That’s why we’re taking a detailed look at Pure Forskolin 250 in this review, because it’s got a substantial amount of people using it. Pure Forskolin extract has several health benefits, but can it really help you to lose weight?

What Is Pure Forskolin 250?

Forskolin is an extract from the root of a plant in the mint family. It is a natural compound found in the root of Coleus Forskohlii, a purple-flowering herb. It is primarily found in India and has been used for many years in traditional medicine in that region.

Pure Forskolin supplements have being taken for years around the world for a variety of health issues:

  • Asthma
  • Glaucoma
  • Improved heart function
  • Respiratory disorders

It is also been used in the bodybuilding community because of its reputed muscle maintenance and building potential. It can apparently help to build muscle faster, and repair existing muscle.

And on top of that, it is used in other products such as skin care, tanning and beauty.

But it’s the pure, non-synthetic extract forskolin we are interested in, because that is the type used in a few diet products, especially Pure Forskolin 250.

Forskolin is a natural compound that has been linked to:

  • Improved cardiovascular activity
  • Ability to accelerate muscle growth
  • Can assist in rapid weight loss

It’s these properties which have made it the focus of several dietary supplements, and so much hype, including TV exposure in recent years.

Who Makes This Weight Loss Supplement?

pure forskolin 250 pills

The product Forskolin 250 is made by a company called Wolfson Berg Ltd, who are also responsible for several other leading weight loss products.

It is described by the company as a fat burner and metabolism booster, marketed to people who would like to accelerate weight loss, through increasing and it celebrating enzymes in the body which can help to break down fat more rapidly.

How Does Pure Forskolin Work?

Modern scientific research has linked forskolin extract to having several positive health benefits.

In terms of weight loss scientific studies have been completed using animal test subjects, which have demonstrated that forskolin can help to release stored fat cells.

There have been a few human studies as well. One clinical trial involved 30 obese men. They were split into two equal groups, one receiving a daily forskolin supplement, the second a placebo.

At the end of the study, it was found that the group taking forskolin had significantly lower body fat than the placebo group. The conclusion was that forskolin had “Elicited favorable changes in body mass composition by significantly decreasing body fat percentage.”

The action of forskolin that causes this effect is not well understood. However, it can increase the production of testosterone, which is known to accelerate the release of fat cells. On top of that, it can reduce weight gain and increase muscle mass, which is why it is popular amongst the fitness community.

Generally, the positive effects of this supplement as observed in several scientific studies are:

  • Increase levels of cAMP (which can increase lipolysis, or fat burning).
  • Widens blood vessels.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Relaxes the arteries.
  • Reduces internal inflammation.
  • Retains muscle mass during weight loss.
  • Increases testosterone levels.
  • Activates cellular adenylate cyclase (which increases fat burning).

At the heart of this supplements potential appears to be that the processes that forskolin enhances stimulate thermogenesis in the body, which leads to an increase in the burning of body fat.  This process is instigated through the fact that forskolin increases the cellular levels of a compound called cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP.

The compound cAMP is in layman’s terms a message relay compound that helped to accelerate the message telling the body to burn fat.

How To Use It?


forskolin 250 label

This is one of the most simple diet supplements to explain the ingredients of.

It is called Pure Forskolin 250 for a very good reason which is completely descriptive.

Pure Forskolin 250 contains 250mg of only pure forskolin in each capsule. The only other ingredients are:

  • Brown rice flour
  • Magnesium stearate

These other ingredients are there purely to create the capsule that the pure forskolin dose is contained in.

So there are no fillers or additives, it really is about the single active ingredient.

How To Use Pure Forskolin: Instructions & Dosage

It’s really great to have a dietary supplement that is easy to take, and easy to remember when to take.

Pure Forskolin 250 is taken once per day. All you have to do is take two tablets once per day before food, with a glass of water.

So you don’t even have to remember to take it three times a day between meals, before meals, on an empty stomach, or on a full stomach. It is a wonderfully simple way to kickstart weight loss.

Side Effects

side effects

It would be irresponsible to discuss the benefits of a supplement, without looking carefully at any potential problems of side effects it can produce. We looked in detail at the studies and Consumer Reports around using Pure Forskolin 250, and the following potential issues are very worth mentioning.

Pure Forskolin 250 will lower your blood pressure, that is the most significant change that can potentially happen, and one that is important to note.

Although that may not be a problem for most people, if you already suffer from low blood pressure then that could be dangerous. This is also the case if you have kidney disease or damage, you should not take any supplement in that situation.

Generally, should consult a doctor if you have any blood pressure issues before taking this supplement.

But in general, side effects are minimal:

  • Nausea
  • Diminished concentration
  • Increased heart rate
  • Diarrhea

These side effects have only been reported by some people, so it does not appear to be a universal problem.

On top of that, these are general symptoms in common with most dietary supplements, where a sudden change in intake can cause problems in your digestion, which can affect other functions temporarily.

For example, diarrhea is common when taking supplements such as this because not only can it irritate the stomach and bowel, but the rate at which food moves through the digestive tract increases.

Is It A Scam?

We have seen seven human studies which directly link forskolin usage to a decrease in body fat.

So it does not appear that Pure Forskolin 250 can be a scam, when scientific studies back up the claims the company make.

The process by which the body burn fat is understood, and it is also understood how increasing the level of cAMP in the body, which is usually low, increases fat burning messages. The net result of which is the body taps into its fat reserves far more readily.

One of the key reasons for obesity is lower levels of cAMP, so any supplement which can raise these levels is obviously going to have a positive effect.

Now obviously you have to make sure that you get the real deal here. There are lots of supplements out there which claim to be pure forskolin, but which are actually nothing but cheap imitations.

But as long as you buy the best quality product we are discussing here, Pure Forskolin 250, then you will get the full benefits.

So no, this product is definitely not a scam, there is science to back it up and it is used widely for a variety of conditions, dieting and has been known for its properties for years in the fitness world.

Pure Forskolin 250 Customer Reviews


To see if a dietary supplement really works, it’s always best to get to the grassroots by looking at what real people are saying online.

The best way to do this is going to independent websites where people are giving real views as consumers.

They’re obviously you will tend to get polarized opinions, with people having a good experience or a bad experience speaking out, all those in the middle tend to not bother. So it’s a great way of seeing how good or bad a product is.

Forskolin seems to be eliciting to very positive responses, but as with any type of supplement assessment, you have to make sure it is part of a rounded view:

“I’m using forskolin, apple cider vinegar and garcinia cambodia with a low carb diet. I have lose 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I’m 41 yr old female and need to lose weight due to health problems. I believe this is working for me. But if u don’t change ur eating habits nothing will work.”

Other people testify to the side effects you might get to temporarily, but also comment on the positive effects it elicits:

“Definitely works – I can tell by the laxative effect, which others referred to, and which I took as a recommendation. In my case though, I don’t get diarrhea as such, but just a regular bowel movement. I think that effect is related to the general positive effects that Forskolin has on the metabolism, which I think tends to be a bit slow in overweight people (as an effect, not a cause).”

Prices & Where To Buy It

One of the best places to buy genuine pure forskolin extract, is pureforskolin250.com, and it’s important you get the pure, concentrated product.

In terms of pricing, you can get incredible bargains if you spend a little more:

So if you opt for the 90 supply, you get double for the money, giving you six months to try Pure Forskolin 250 for just $134.99.  So for just $22 a month, you can try this supplement and see how it benefits you.

forskolin packages prices

There are of course other online retailers, especially the major market places that do is sell forskolin-based products, but our research has shown that these are mostly fakes or low-grade, and should be avoided.

In addition, buying from the main retail site gives you a complete peace of mind, 60 day money back guarantee.


Forskolin really does appear to be a supplement that can help you to burn fat while retaining muscle mass.

It has been a known secret in the weight lifting, bodybuilding and fitness communities for many years, but it’s only been recently that people have latched onto the benefits in the general weight loss arena.

Obviously there are issues if you have low blood pressure or a kidney condition, and you should always check with your doctor before taking any supplement, but side effects for this seem remarkably low.

There are cons to trying Pure Forskolin 250:

  • Not recommended if you already have low blood pressure or kidney problems.
  • The high quality product is only available through online sellers.
  • It performs one task, it is not a complete diet and nutrition supplement.

However, the pros of trying Pure Forskolin 250 are significant, and far outweigh the negatives:

  • Buying in bulk unblocks huge cost savings.
  • Reported side-effects are minimal and minor.
  • It’s an easy to take, once per day supplements.
  • In conjunction with lifestyle changes weight loss could be significant.
  • Evidence suggests muscle mass does not diminish.
  • it is backed by a comprehensive 60 day money back guarantee.

So in terms of potential positive effects on weight loss and maintenance of muscle mass, and from a cost perspective, Pure Forskolin 250 appears to fall into the “no-brainer” category of weight loss products to consider trying.

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