Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Side Effects. Is There Anything To Worry About?

garcinia extra photoGarcinia cambogia is a small fruit that’s of the shape of a pumpkin, and it’s sometimes referred to as tamarind. The fruit grows in central Africa, Asia and India, although it’s native to Indonesia. When this product is added to meals, it basically makes it more ‘filling’ due to its ability to block appetite. For this reason, it’s used for the purposes of initiating weight loss to an individual, especially in the old days when it was taken in soup before meals to curb appetite.

How It Works?


This product basically works by doing two basic things by the help of HCA. These are blocking of fat and suppressing of one’s appetite. Citrate lyase is an enzyme that’s needed by the body to make fat from carbohydrates. For this reason, the HCA extract that is contained in Garcinia cambogia aids in inhibiting the production of citrate lyase enzyme. As a result, the process of making fat from carbohydrates is halted and consequently, the production of LDL, which is bad cholesterol and triglycerides is reduced.


Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Side Effects

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Garcinia cambogia in the recent times has received a lot of attention as a result of its ability to lose weight. Although the extract can make one lose weight up to 8.1lbs in a week by taking the pills only without necessarily subjecting the body to some strenuous exercise, it also has its own side effects that researchers have noted. Some of the pure garcinia Cambogia extract side effects include:

  • Optimized blood sugar balance
  • Enhanced red blood cell production
  • Reduction in cholesterol levels

Garcinia Cambogia extract is possibly safe only if used for a period of not more than 12 weeks for most consumers. It’s long-term safety is not well known.

It has been also been noted that in recent days, it has become difficult to obtain the pure version of garcinia cambogia extract, and this is what has also contributed to the increase of side effects associated to the product. As a result of this scarcity, consumers develop allergic reactions to this extract. Some experience a moderate allergic reaction while others end up having severe allergic reaction.

This scarcity of pure garcinia cambogia extract has also led to difficulty in losing weight in addition to perilous drug interaction. The use of impure garcinia cambogia extract has since been risky as it contains dangerous impurities. Some of these products even those obtained from leading manufacturers are said to contain bulking agents and fillers. As a result patients and consumers end up developing allergic reactions. Some manufactures also fail to produce products that are of the required standards or use a poor quality of garcinia cambogia to manufacturer the extract hence this may lead to dangerous interaction. According to verified research, the right garcinia cambogia extract should contain the following components in order to make them safe and effective.

Possible Concerns

1. The HCA content should not be less than 60%. A less percentage than 60 is a clear indicator that the supplement won’t be effective. Some companies even go to the extent of omitting the HCA percentage. In such cases, you should not even bother to tasting the product.

2. You should ensure that you take the right dosage daily, and this means not less than 800 mg.

3. Ensure that the garcinia cambogia extract or pills or in which ever form it may be has been manufactured according to the right standards. Those with artificial binders should not be considered as they have been the cause of these side effects.

4. You should always get some time to go through consumers review as consumers will always approve a product once they have used it and have had positive results.

5. Pregnant women should avoid taking the product at all cost. This also applies to all breastfeeding women. This is because the current research done has not fully elaborated on the effects it has for such cases and it’s only wise not to use them.

Those taking diabetic medication i.e. glyburide or insulin are also advised not to use them. Your doctor should come in handy at this point as he should advice you on the best way forward otherwise you will find your blood sugar level even falling below the normal level.

Despite the fact that the market is filled with every type of garcinia cambogia product, there are those that are pure out there and therefore, more effective. These are the ones that do not have adverse side effects and consumers should therefore try and identify them. This can be achieved by doing some bit of digging, and you will end up separating the good from the bad. The prices of the product together with the shipping are another indicator of whether you are in for a good or a bad product. You will find out that some of these companies are selling the product at $60-70 each bottle or even more. This may not necessarily mean that they are of good quality as higher prices may be for the sole reason of exploiting the consumers.

How To Take Garcinia Cambogia Diet Pills?

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Garcinia cambogia extracts can be purchased from any of the available health stores or online sites. The recommended dosage is 500 to 1000 mg prior to you having your meals and make sure that you do not exceed a total of 3000 mg in a day. A recent study on pure garcinia cambogia that was carried out in 2005 also showed that if the product was taken in high doses then it would end up causing testicular atrophy and even toxicity in mice. When in such of the right garcinia cambogia extract, ensure that you can view all the ingredients otherwise do not even attempt to purchase. Products with fillers or artificial ingredients should be avoided.

In this case, you will end up losing even up to 2-4 pounds in a month. However, it goes without saying that you also need to carry out some moderate exercise in order to realize some good results. You should also ensure that you are on a healthy diet and take your meal in the right proportions. Good results will only be achieved when healthy choices are made.


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