Raspberry Ketone Plus Review 2018: Ingredients, Side Effects, Price & Where To Buy It

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is Raspberry Ketone Plus, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it.

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Raspberry ketones have got a lot of coverage in recent years.

The main reason is that they are natural and can be used as an effective remedy for weight loss.

Therefore, following the same hype and admiration Raspberry ketone Plus found its place on the market in the successful product list.

Today, this Raspberry Ketone Plus Review will be covering every relevant point that you are likely to know regarding this commodity.

What Is Raspberry Ketone Plus?

raspberry ketone

Raspberry Ketone Plus is a weight loss remedy, a designed formula that tends to support the excess body fat shedding. It has all this potential due to its high-quality ingredients that work in complete harmony to deliver the right weight loss results.

Raspberry Ketone Plus has the potential to provide the apt benefits that can help the user to manage the issue of excess weight.

Moreover, the supplement is full of antioxidants that aid to combat oxidative stress. Raspberry Ketone Plus claims to perform its role on the basis of:

  • Lipolysis promotion
  • Suppression in the levels of appetite
  • Energy boosting

About The Company

The manufacturer of the Raspberry Ketone Plus is a renowned Company of the UK. The name of the organization is Evolution Slimming. The head office is in Birchington.

There are various brands available for Raspberry Ketones, but Evolution Slimming claims to provide the right potent that can actually be helpful in the weight reduction of the user.

This brand is not new to the supplement, but as a matter of fact, they have numerous products that are successfully delivering their results and Raspberry Ketones Plus does not have any exception to this norm.

Contact details:

Company Number: 06417136

EU VAT Reg. No. GB979614952

Address: Evolution Slimming Ltd, Unit 4 Sarre Business Centre, Canterbury Road, Sarre, Kent, CT7 0JZ, UK

Phone: 0800 043 0434 and +44 (0)1843 841633


Raspberry Ketone Plus Label

  • Raspberry Ketones

In the year of 2005, Morimoto et al. carried on a clinical study to investigate the capabilities of weight loss in Raspberry Ketones on subjects (mice). There were two stages in the experiment to evaluate the effects of this ingredient.

At the first stage, the mice took a high-fat content diet for the duration of ten weeks with two percent raspberry ketone content. Whereas at the second stage, the mice took a fat content diet for six weeks, but this time, they did not take any raspberry ketone in their food and followed by a five-week diet, high in fat and with 1% raspberry ketones.

The study revealed that when the raspberry ketones were part of the diet, the mice shed not only body weight but also the internal fat percentage of the body.

The most significant outcomes happened when 2 % of raspberry ketones were present. These outcomes happened due to the potential of raspberry ketones to transform the metabolic rate of the bodies of the subject. Therefore, it occurred to torch a noteworthy fat percentage, even better than carbohydrates or glycogen percentage.

  • African Mango Extract

African Mango has a significant role to play in improving the lipolysis. Thus, the body tends to lose fat on the fast pace.

  • Acai Berry Extract

In the year of 2011, Udani et al. carried out the study to learn the effects of Acai Berry consumption on ten overweight participants. The participants did not change their daily routine, just for a 30-day period while taking 100 grams of Acai Berries two times daily basis. The study also evaluated the levels of insulin, glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol.

The study confirmed that the consumption of Acai Berries can lead to the decrease in both the glucose as well as levels of insulin.

This combination indicated that averagely the subjects of the study utilized more fat as a source of energy; it is because the low insulin levels are likely to promote the burning of fat.

Hence, a common reason for obesity is the abnormally high levels of insulin, and usually, these high levels have a connection with the poor quality of diet and absence of exercise.

Moreover, the use of Acai Berries lowered the ratio of LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol type). However, no changes occurred in the blood pressure.

  • Green Tea Extract (60% Polyphenols/ 40% Catechins/ Caffeine 8%)

In the year of 2009, Viechtbauer and Westerterp conducted a study on Green Tea’s effect on weight loss.

The study found out that a typical pattern was that the rate of metabolism and thermogenesis were better in the regular consumer of Green Tea than those who consumed coffee regularly.

Therefore, this study is not short of surprises due to its outcomes.

  • Caffeine

The caffeine consumption has the potential to increase the stamina of the consumer, and even the consumer can perform the exercise for a longer period of time.

Thus, this extra stamina and resultant workout certainly improve the ratio of calorie burning.

, the studies also suggest that the recovery period also decreases due to the use of this ingredient.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

It is good for weight loss.

  • Kelp

Kelp is good for promoting thyroid activity. Therefore, it happens to improve a healthy metabolic mechanism.

  • Grapefruit Pectin

It is in the form of soluble fiber that is able to detoxify the human body and offer numerous other health benefits.

  • Resveratrol

The antioxidants are already good for a healthy human body. Resveratrol works like an antioxidant, and it happens to encourage good cardiovascular activity that is highly essential for a healthy human body.

Other Ingredients (Inactive)

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source)
  • HMPC Capsule Shell

How Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Work?

Evolution Slimming Company is actually aware that how essential Adiponectin can be. Thus, Adiponectin provides their product the power to be a tremendously helpful remedy for weight loss.

Even some studies prove that slim or average weight people tend to have a higher ratio of this hormone. Besides, people who possess less amount of this hormone tend to start gaining weight.

Bottom Line: people experience difficulty and gain weight quickly when the levels of this cardinal hormone plunge. Moreover, every single component of the ingredient list has the scientific support to prove its effectiveness.


This weight loss remedy is useful for shedding fat quickly:

  • It curbs the appetite.
  • It is pretty helpful in lipolysis.
  • It raises the energy levels.
  • The vegetarians can use it without any problem.
  • Raspberry Ketone Plus contains only natural components.
  • Men and women both can use it.
  • Raspberry Ketone is helpful for detoxifying the body.
  • The ratio of every ingredient with the right measurement is present on the product label in a very visible state.
  • The price is quite economical.

How To Use It?

The recommended amount of Raspberry Ketones is around 200 mg, and in that perspective, two servings will be good enough of Raspberry Ketone Plus as each serving contains 100 mg Raspberry Ketones.

Take first capsule at least half an hour before breakfast, and the second one half an hour before lunch.

Side Effects

side effects

As Raspberry Ketone Plus is a completely natural good, it does not invite any severe side effects.

However, here are a few possible effects that buyers need to keep in mind:

  • People who have severe allergies to the use of caffeine should talk to their physician first
  • This product may interact with your medicine if you are taking any. Thus, confirm the possible interaction before you start using it.
  • People who are suffering from cancer or renal problems should not go for any weight loss supplementations.

Points to remember:

  • Pregnant or nursing women are not advisable to use any weight loss remedy.
  • People, who have had any medical problem, should take extra care. Discuss your current health status with a doctor and later, plan weight loss.
  • People, under 18, need to take the advice of a doctor before opting for a weight loss solution.

Is It A Scam?

No, it is not a scam.

There are no random components part of this supplement, only substances that are proven to be effective for weight loss are present in the formula.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Customer Reviews


I have struggled with my weight for years. I am 5’6, and I used to be 200 lbs. The extra weight seemed to be an inseparable part of me, and even, there was a point when I had lost all the hopes and expectations of losing this extra baggage, but my hubby literally encouraged me, and he let me believe that I can manage to reduce this weight. Thanks to him, I discovered evolution Slimming Raspberry Ketone Plus and this solution did it! I have lost 20lbs in just a six-week period, and I am still using it. I cannot express myself how brilliant it feels when you shed those extra pounds that always seem impossible to go away! Whosoever is reading this comment and struggling with weight, hey I just want to say one thing, soon later you will lose these extra pounds. Just stick to your plan and do not give up! – Melissa (age: 46).

Awesome dude! You can’t find a better solution. I just love this product, great remedy. I have tried all the logical or illogical ways to lose weight, but nothing worked for me as this supplement. I just happened to use it when I found it online, and it has been the best decision ever, I simply love it! Go and do use it, you will see the results yourself! – Rocky Peter (age: 22).

I like Raspberry Ketone Plus, but I have just lost 5 kg in one month, I was expecting at least 8 to 10 kg loss. Maybe I am not doing any exercise that’s why but Raspberry Ketone Plus would be better if it let me lose around 10 kg to 15 kg in a month’s time. Nonetheless, I like the fact that it does not let me experience any jittery feeling; I experienced when I was using other caffeinated supplements, this product is better in that perspective – Rosa Jack (age: 34).

BONUS: Video Review

Prices & Packages

There are four packages available, and these packages are segregated in terms of months

  • 1 Month Package

In this package, the buyer will get 1 bottle, and it will cost $28CLICK HERE TO ORDER

  • 2 Months Package

In this package, the buyer will get 2 bottles, and it will cost $52CLICK HERE TO ORDER

  • 3 Months Package

In this package, the buyer will get 3 bottles, and it will cost $75CLICK HERE TO ORDER

  • 6 Months Package

In this package, the buyer will 6 bottles, and it will cost $133CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Where Can I Buy It?

Raspberry is available easily on the official online store of the Evolution Slimming, but there are various other online retail stores from where the buyers can buy it.

However, make it sure that you are buying it from the genuine account of Evolution Slimming because due to the popularity, many fake sellers are also present on the market.

Thus, beware and keep your purchase genuine and hassle-free.

Bottom Line: visit the official store to place the order.

What about shipping charges?

The shipping charges vary from £2.99 to £24.99 because these charges depend on your location and the mode of delivery.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

There is no money back guarantee available.

In case you are not happy with the results, the company accepts any unopened bottle within the period of 30-days of buying and not after that.


Raspberry Ketone is a standard compound in many weight loss items, but not every product is reliable and trustworthy.

When you opt for Evolution Slimming Raspberry Ketone, at least you can have a sigh of relief.

Firstly, the supplement is brought to you by a reliable brand. Secondly, it contains elements that are miraculous for weight loss and effective.

However, if you still need something better than these pills than feel free to wait for a magic wand because Raspberry Ketone Plus is the ultimate solution.

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