Is Adiphene Right For You? Read This Before You Buy It

Is Adiphene Right For You

Warning - April 2017
We do not recommend Adiphene supplement anymore. If you want to skip this review and see the best alternative click here. Otherwise keep reading!

Adiphene is a name that’s getting big press in the world of health and weight loss. Is it the right choice for you? Let’s take a closer look at dieting, why it works, why it doesn’t – and what you can do about it.

Losing Weight is Hard. “But I knew that!” Did you really?

Though a staggering number of people are currently on weight-loss diets (some 100 million, according to reports), most people tend to blame themselves and not the diet when the weight just doesn’t come off (or when it won’t stay off).

The reality is that your biology is working against you when you try to diet. Our bodies strive to keep (rather than expend) resources so that energy will be there when we need it. Unfortunately, we no longer live in times of food restriction coupled with required bursts of exertion (ie, hunting and gathering) just to stay alive. And I say “unfortunately” because that automatic stop-gap isn’t there to actually spend those calories we’ve been saving up in the form of fat.

Instead, with food plentiful everywhere we look, our bodies utilize hunger hormones and other signals to keep us eating, even to the point where we feel as if we’re starving even if we’ve just had a meal. In fact, overeating can actually cause hunger shortly afterward due to a high release of insulin followed by an extreme drop of glucose, making us feel tired, edgy … and hungrier than before we’d eaten in the first place.

In addition, stored fat itself releases hormones (including estrogen) that allows us to store yet more, and the weight-gain cycle continues. If it feels like you’re gaining more weight each time following a short period of loss due to your efforts, that’s because you are. Each time you restrict calories to lose weight, then regain when you can no longer stand the hunger, you’re training your body to believe that famine is just around the corner – making it hold on even harder to every calorie you consume.

Weight Loss Pills: A Way Out Of The Cycle?

Weight loss pills have been around for well over a century, in one form or another. And they do work – for a while. But there are a few problems with prescription weight loss pills.

  • Weight loss pills tend to restrict hunger only – meaning that hunger will come crashing back as soon as you stop taking them.
  • Weight loss pills can cause nervousness, making them unpleasant for users.
  • Weight loss pills can be expensive (to the tune of hundreds of dollars a month) – and even for users who have health insurance, they’re often just not covered in the plan.

Natural Alternatives: How Adiphene Stands Above the Rest

Because of the above complaints, many dieters turn to natural alternatives to curb hunger or to increase the metabolism so that fat loss can occur. Yet you’ll often hear that people were disappointed with these options. Some help you lose weight; some make you feel less hungry; a few are purported to block carbohydrates or burn fat without exercise.

The problem is that you need all these actions – and all at one time – in order to reset your body’s metabolism and hunger cues. And until now, few if any non-prescription weight loss pills have offered these actions in the proper combination to do that.

Users love Adiphene because it addresses all their weight related issues in one easy formulation. These include:

  • Suppression of appetite
  • Non-”jittery” stimulation to combat the fatigue often associated with dieting
  • Fat metabolism/fat burning
  • Thermogenic (heat) action to increase metabolism overall

The best part of all is that the ingredients in Adiphene are all natural (unlike some competitors such as Adipex), and in ways that aren’t harmful, (such as fenfluramine/phentermine, which was pulled from the market due to severe health issues but whose ingredients can still be found in various forms in some weight loss pills).

Making The Decision To Try Adiphene

No one weight loss supplement is right for everyone. Adiphene may be for you if:

  • You have already tried a sensible diet and exercise regimen, and you didn’t lose weight.
  • You are experiencing hormonal changes, such as premenstrual irregularities or menopause, which can interfere with weight loss.
  • You find it difficult to restrict your meals to sensible portions.
  • You are severely sensitive to the hunger that typically follows eating excess carbohydrates.
  • You don’t want the risks and/or the expense associated with prescription diet pills.You’re leery of weight loss claims that are made without any scientific backup.

Adiphene may not be for you if:

  • You’re very sensitive to even gentle stimulants (for example, if a 4-oz. cup of regular-brewed coffee leaves you with excessive jitters).
  • You have any health condition or suspect you may have a health condition. Check with your doctor before using Adiphene or any weight loss supplement.
  • You’ve suffered a heart attack, embolism, stroke or other circulatory issue in the past. Though Adiphene’s ingredients exist in quantities generally recognized as safe, anyone with circulatory issues must see a doctor before taking any type of supplement, including a weight loss supplement.
  • Your lifestyle doesn’t enable you to routinely take a supplement, or you tend to be forgetful of taking supplements.

If you do decide to try Adiphene, take it in exactly the dosages recommended. DO NOT exceed the recommended dosage; this is true of any supplement, weight loss or not. Good luck and good health to you!

To read more about Adiphene check this page.

Warning - April 2017
We do not recommend Adiphene supplement anymore. Click here to see the best alternative.

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