SlimQuick Review 2018: Ingredients, Results, Side Effects, Price & Where To Buy It

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what SlimQuick is, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices & recommend best places to buy it.

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Obese women often find that their excess weight causes them to experience social anxiety, depression and related psychological problems.

These effects are strongly contributed to by the socially acceptable figure that has been associated with women – an hourglass figure, as they often call it.

It is not only the psychological impact of obesity that women should be concerned about, however.

One study explains that obesity in women has been linked to metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endometrial cancer, and breast cancer.

SlimQuick is a brand of weight loss products that have been developed for women.

In this review post, we will take a closer look at what SlimQuick is, what this brand sells, how effectively their products work, and if there are any side-effects a customer needs to be concerned about.

What Is SlimQuick?

SlimQuick Logo

SlimQuick is a range of different weight loss products specifically developed to help the female population that is overweight with a desire to lose weight, reach their goals.

The company aims to cater to all women – those who are obese and need to lose a significant amount of weight, those who only need to lose a few pounds, as well as those who are sensitive to products that utilize stimulants, such as caffeine, to speed up metabolism.

The brand has ensured that their products are easy to find for women with a need to lose weight.

In addition to offering their customers a wide variety of products that can support their weight loss goals, the brand also offers a number of challenges, along with useful tips, recipes and other resources that further benefits the customer’s journey to becoming healthier through weight reduction.

The brand also helps to keep their customers motivated through their journey in order to help them keep on track and ensure they reach their goals.

What Do They Sell?

The company only specializes in the development of products that provide benefits related to weight loss.

All of the products have been designed to aid in one or more ways that can help the user lose excess weight that they have gained.

Some of their products work by speeding up the user’s metabolism, while others help to increase the amount of fat burnt during exercise, by suppressing the user’s appetite, or by increasing their energy levels to help them push through more intense exercise protocols.

The brand has released different products ranges, each providing supplements that offer specific purposes that aid in the user’s weight loss journey.

This product ranges include:

  • RX-8
  • Pure Extra Strength
  • Pure Protein
  • Pure Men
  • Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berry
  • Pure Regular Strength
  • Pure Extra Strength Gummies
  • Pure Caffeine Free

Most Popular Products

We found that certain products that have been developed by the SlimQuick brand are more popular among their customers, while other supplements by this brand do not seem to be as popular, especially when considering the reviews associated with the supplements.

Here, we would like to share some of the more popular supplements that this brand currently has on the market.

This will help our readers determine which products work more effectively and which supplements they should try to avoid when opting for this brand.

Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix

Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix

A powder-based weight loss supplement that is mixed with water.

The contents of this supplement help to speed up fat loss, while also boosting the user’s metabolism.

Pure Regular Strength Capsules

Pure Regular Strength Capsules

Capsules that have been designed to be taken daily to help speed up the metabolism, while also reducing the user’s appetite to ensure they can effectively reduce their daily caloric intake without having to “suffer” for it.

Caffeine Free

Pure Caffeine Free

A clinical-strength weight loss supplement that has been developed without the use of caffeine or other stimulants.

This option is appropriate for people who are known to experience reactions such as an irregular heartbeat when they take products that contain stimulants.

Pure Gummies

Pure Gummies

A mixed berry flavored bottle of gummies that is presented as a healthier alternative to regular gummies that can be purchased at a local grocery store.

These gummies have been formulated with ingredients that will help to reduce the user’s appetite.

Side Effects

side effects

We found that some users who have used the product before have experienced mild side-effects.

The most common side-effects that we have noted among the individuals who reported negative feedback after using the product included an upset stomach, which often included diarrhea, but, in some cases, constipation instead.

Individuals who are sensitive to caffeine may also experience side-effects like feeling jittery when they use the options that contain caffeine.

Additional side-effects that were noted include light-headedness, chest pains and there was a complaint about a customer who completely lost her appetite.

SlimQuick Customer Reviews & Complaints


A relatively large number of reviews are found on the majority of products developed by this brand.

We would like to share some of the good and bad reviews here, providing our readers with a more appropriate approach to identifying the pros and cons, and whether the Slim Quick brand is a good option for them.

Positive Testimonials

Laura Martin:

Lots of energy. So far so good. Feel so energized. Hopefully, it will help me lose around 30 pounds.


Love it. So glad I can get it here when I run out and have money too. Was getting it at the store but they don’t have it anymore. I just hope it keeps working on me I have lost a lot.

Negative Testimonials

T.A Husarik:

If I could give this a 0 (or minus 10), I would.


This definitely wasn’t for me. I took the smaller daily dose recommended, and I just didn’t like how it made me feel.

Video Review

Packages, Prices & Where To Buy

SlimQuick Official Website

One of the great reasons why many women are choosing to start their weight loss journey with the help of SlimQuick’s range of products is because this brand does not exclusively sell their supplements on a branded website.

While customers are able to buy products manufactured by the brand from their official website, they also sell their supplements through a relatively large number of third-party retailers.

In addition to being available from the brand’s online shopping platform, customers can also buy supplements manufactured by this brand from the following retailers:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • CVS/pharmacy
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Kmart
  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Supervalu
  • Ahold

The majority of products sold by this brand has affordable price tags attached to it, which makes this brand a more appropriate option for women who would like to lose weight, but is unable to afford some of the more expensive weight loss supplements.

Some of the brand’s products can be picked up on Amazon for less than $10 for a one-month supply.

They do have products that are more expensive, but it seems like none of the products that this brand promotes are priced over $40 for a single container.

It should be noted, however, that these prices may not include shipping fees when buying the products on the internet.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

A 100% money-back guarantee is offered on all products from the QuickSlim brand.

The guarantee period is 30 days following the initial purchase date of the product and only applies to new customers.

One particular fact about this brand’s money-back guarantee that sets them apart from many other brands is the fact that the guarantee applies no matter where the customer decides to buy their products – on their official website, on or at one of the local retailers that stock their range of weight loss supplements.

Customers are advised to keep the receipt that proves their purchase of the product in order for the guarantee to be valid.

The customer is then allowed to try the product for a period of 30 days.

If they find that the product does not help them lose weight or they experience any type of adverse reactions while using the product, they can take the container (even if it is empty), along with their receipt, to the retailer they purchased the product from. A 100% refund will then be issued to the customer.

Pros & Cons


  • This brand specifically focuses on providing obese women a chance to regain a healthier life by introducing them to a range of products that have been developed with the female body in mind. This provides women with a more personalized approach that has been designed to support weight loss with their metabolism and needs in mind.
  • The brand offers products that are free of caffeine and stimulants for women who find that they become jittery or experience other signs of sensitivity to such ingredients. These two ingredients are very common in weight loss products and the adverse reactions they cause in some women can be very unpleasant.
  • Products developed and promoted by this brand are much more affordable than the majority of other leading weight loss brands that are on the market today, making this brand more ideal for women who has the urge to lose weight, but not the budget to buy weight loss products from some of the other brands that provide similar supplements.
  • In addition to offering women a large variety of weight loss supplements, the brand has also introduced a weight loss challenge, where women can sign up and receive free tips and recipes. These tips can be used alongside the supplements to help them reach their weight loss goals. Women can then report their results on the community platform that has been developed by this brand, be motivated through success stories shared by other women, and even win prizes when they share the results they achieve through the use of SlimQuick’s products.


  • The official website of this brand states that the product may expose the user to cadmium and lead, which have been associated with an increased risk of cancer, as well as reproductive problems and possible birth defects. For this reason, pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to stay away from these products.
  • Some of the products that have been developed by this brand contain an ingredient called Yohimbe, which is considered a prescription substance in some countries and have been associated with a number of possibly harmful side-effects. Yohimbe may cause heart attacks, kidney failure, a rapid heartbeat, stomach problems, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, agitation, high blood pressure, irritability, and even seizures. This means that certain products from this brand can be dangerous to some potential users.
  • While some of the SlimQuick products have received a lot of positive reviews, we found quite an alarming number of negative reviews as well from past users. This means that certain supplements developed by this brand may not be useful and may even be unpleasant to use for the customer. Thus, individuals who would like to start using these supplements should be cautious and first consult with a physician to ensure the product and its ingredients are safe for them to use.
  • Even though the brand sells their products through a relatively large number of third-party retailers, the availability of the brand’s supplements is still limited to the United States. People who stay in other countries are not able to buy products from the brand due to the restrictions placed on their shipping options. When buying directly from the brand’s website, customers can choose to have the products shipped to Canada, but shipping charges are quite expensive. No other country seems to be supported by this brand.

Final Verdict

final verdict graphic

Weight loss in obese women is important to help reduce their risk of potentially life-threatening problems, such as diabetes and cancer.

For many women, a weight loss journey seems difficult to accomplish, but with the right products on hand, excess weight can be effectively eliminated.

SlimQuick is a weight loss brand that promotes a number of products to a female target market.

Their products promise that women will feel fuller and burn fat faster, and that weight will be reduced in a short period of time.

The manufacturer also claims that all ingredients in their products are beneficial for the user’s body and no harmful substances have been added.

The brand has a variety of products on the market.

Their products are affordable, and they cater to all customers, even those with a caffeine and stimulant sensitivity.

Not all customers seem to be happy with the brand’s products, however, which is an important fact that individuals should take into account when considering this brand as their go-to weight loss solution.

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