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In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain to you what is SuperBeets, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, best place to buy it & recommend an alternative.

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SuperBeets is a supplement designed to boost your body’s nitric oxide (NO) levels.

Studies have shown that people with higher nitric oxide levels reap the benefits of improved circulatory function, including lower blood pressure and increased stamina.

Keep reading our SuperBeets review to get all the imporant info. We will try to answer most common questions about this weight loss supplement and show you a great alternative.

Where Did It Come From?

SuperBeets was created by the food scientists and nutritionists at HumanN, formerly NeoGenis Labs. The team at HumanN are leaders in the field of nitric oxide research. SuperBeets was created as a way to optimize nitric oxide intake to get the full health benefits.



The main ingredient in SuperBeets Original Flavor is concentrated non-GMO crystalized beet which are made from the following:

  • non-GMO beetroot powder,
  • non-GMO fermented beetroot powder,
  • natural apple flavor,
  • malic acid,
  • magnesium ascorbate,
  • and stevia leaf extract.

SuperBeets Black Cherry Flavor features the same ingredients except it has natural black cherry flavor instead of natural apple flavor.

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SuperBeets Side Effects

Beets are a healthy food; even in medicinal or supplemental amounts, beets are safe to consume for most people. However, those with kidney disease should avoid overconsumption of beets, as they can worsen the condition. Excessive beat intake could cause low calcium and kidney damage.

Since kidneys are closely linked to blood pressure, those with low blood pressure should consult their doctor.

Additionally, pregnant and nursing women should avoid beet supplements, because there have been no studies done on their safety for that group.

There aren’t really any other serious side effects, however beet supplements may causebeeturia, which is red-colored urination caused by beets. It’s harmless, albeit frightening the first time you see it.


Does It Work?

Yes, SuperBeets works. Its efficacy is mainly down to its no-nonsense concentrated beet crystals, one serving of which is functionally equal to consuming three whole beets.

Beets in general are rich in nitrates, so you get a hefty dosage from the concentrated beet crystals. The nitrates in SuperBeets are converted to nitric oxide by your body.

According to scientific studies, increasing your body’s nitric oxide levels is associated with a relaxation of blood vessel walls. This, in turn, can improve circulation and lower your blood pressure.

SuperBeets isn’t designed to cure blood pressure or replace your current blood pressure medication. What it can do, however, is give the healthy steps you’re currently taking to lower your blood pressure, such as better diet and exercise, a little boost.

The improvement in circulation can reduce your risk for a myriad of disorders, diseases and conditions such as heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT blood clots), skin ulcerations in the lower extremities caused by poor circulation and more. When your circulation improves, it means your organs, limbs and other body parts are able to get the oxygen-rich blood they need to thrive and be healthy.

Better circulation is also associated with a lower risk of developing dementia; a 2010 study backed up this finding by also noting that better circulation also can halt the progression of dementia, which in turn gives seniors suffering the disease a higher quality of life.

The combination of better circulation and lower blood pressure can greatly improve stamina. Lower blood pressure takes less strain off of your heart, lungs and kidneys, while better circulation improves oxygen flow throughout the body. Both of these factors contribute to better stamina.

With better circulation and the natural flavanoid anthocyanin that gives beets their reddish color, SuperBeets may also contribute to quicker recovery from exercise. In fact, a lot of people who take SuperBeets and other beetroot supplements do so because it ups their exercise game. With better stamina and better recovery, they can exercise longer with less negative side effects.

By sticking to a simple, scientifically backed ingredient, the makers of SuperBeets created a straightforward product that works. The delivery method, which gives you the amount of beetroot you need to get the daily benefits is also a big part of SuperBeets success.

That said, results may vary, as with all supplements. If you and a friend each take SuperBeets, it’s very likely each of you might see different benefits, because each person is different and responds differently to supplements in general.

ultimate guide to superbeets reviewsThe pros

The main benefit you get out of SuperBeets is the blood vessel relaxation. It is part and parcel with many of SuperBeets other powerful benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and improving circulation.

When you have better circulation and lower blood pressure, your stamina naturally increases. SuperBeets may also improve blood flow to areas prone to poor circulation like the legs, feet, and in the brains of individuals suffering from age-related degeneration.

Better circulation can help reduce your risk of heart disease and all of its complications, such as strokes, heart attacks and more.

Also, SuperBeets are vegan, made in the USA and non-GMO, so those with high ethical standards in regard to food can reap the benefits as well.

The cons

SuperBeets is manufactured in a setting that also processes common food allergens like wheat, nuts, eggs, milk and soy. Those who suffer allergies to any of these foods may not be able to tolerate SuperBeets as a result. Excess intake of beetroots for improved exercise performance has also been known to make athletes sick, so always partake in moderation.


SuperBeets Real People Reviews


Let’s take a look at some positive online SuperBeets reviews:

“I use superbeets as a coffee alternative in the afternoon. I like the non-caffeine energy as well as the taste – not too sweet and not too earthy. I like both flavors for variety, black cherry seems just a little sweeter to me. The same-day shipping was amazing, I ordered it this morning and it arrived before I got home from work” – Bryan S.

“I have been on Superbeets for about 8 days now, and I feel great,my blood pressure is the lowest I can ever remember. Do yourself a favor and try it” – Bill.

“This really works! I usually take it after lunch…sometimes late afternoon. I get a boost in energy within 10 minutes!” – Roz.

“Great product, had to quit taking my blood pressure medication” – Douglas.

Any Negatives?

There are also customers which are not happy with this product. Just take a look below.

“Ohhh my gosh, this stuff tastes awful! I tried adding it to yogurt & even at 1/2 strength & still… I can’t get it down! I wish I could! My husband can’t get it down either & he will consume anything, especially if it’s expensive & I won’t consume it as he hates the thought of throwing $$ away. But he said to toss it as he can’t get it down either, so, that’s saying a lot” – Ladybug2107.

“Product feedback is YUK. I bought it because I hate the flavor of beets, it even smelled a little like cherry however once it hits water, bam… It’s beet juice, a flavor I do not find pleasant.For the 3 days I tried to take it, noticed zero difference. PS… WAY too expensive for this crap but I guess they don’t care as much about repeat business than many one and done sales” – Yirmaster.

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Where To Buy It

You can find both SuperBeets Original Flavor and SuperBeets Black Cherry Flavor at, where you can also read customer reviews and additional product details. This product is avaliable on too.

superbeets official website

Is It A Scam?

No, SuperBeets isn’t a scam. Like all reputable supplements, it does what it claims to do, which in the case of SuperBeets is that it ups your nitric oxide levels. How your body responds to that (as in whether you see results) can vary, as with any other supplement.

Final Words

SuperBeets containing medicinal levels of beetroot are generally regarded as safe for the average healthy adult population. However always consult your doctor before trying it or any other supplement.

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