A Whole Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

Yoga is claimed as being an answer to many health-related problems today. Yoga is a practice that helps people control the mind as well as the body.

Yoga can have extremely positive effects on the body and how it looks and feels. It targets the different organs of the body and helps in raising the metabolism by stimulating the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

There are several celebrities who regularly practice yoga and have been reaping its benefits. These simple yoga poses will help anyone in losing overall weight and make a person feel healthy and refreshed all day long, every day of the week.

Sit and Bend Forward Pose

This is achieved by stretching the legs straight out and spreading them a little, in front of the body while seated down. Try and touch your toes or wrap a towel around your toes and bend your head forward and straighten your spine. Hold your breath for five counts and straighten up. Hold your breath again for five counts and bend again.

Lie Down and Breathe Pose

This is another sitting position which is achieved by gently lying down a single roll at a time. Meanwhile, the legs are kept wide and the palms are faced upward. Stay in this position for 10 minutes by closing and relaxing your eyes. While lying down, focus on decreasing all tension and anxiety and let go of anything that feels stressful in your life. This is a very effective pose which aims at removing all negative emotions that eventually contributes to weight loss.

When you are in the pose, start relaxing all your muscles from your scalp all the way to your toes, a single part at a time, not thinking about anything else, striving all along to keep your mind blank. This pose is very easy to follow and involves sitting upright on the floor and folding/crossing your legs. You can close your eyes and let your hand hang over your knees. Your tailbone should be touching the floor and your head should be held high to stretch the spine.

Seated Pose Plus Breathing

While staying in the seated pose, there are some breathing practices that need to be followed in order to ensure relaxation and availability of oxygen. Put your index finger and middle finger tips on your forehead, just above your nose.Use your ring finger to close one of your nostrils and inhale through the other open nostril. After inhaling, close your open nostril with your thumb and release the ring finger to open the other nostril and then exhale. Repeat with the other hand.

This pose involves standing upright with both feet together and the spine stretched straight. The hands are then brought forward into a praying pose at your chest. Breathe in and out deeply. Outstretch your arms in front and above and look up and return to position after 5 counts. Continue for 10 minutes.

Another variation is to bend down and touch your toes in the same standing position. After the surya pose is done, slightly bend your knees forward and keep your hands outstretched and above and look up. Take 10-15 breaths in this pose and then release. Lie face down on the mat and rest your toes and palms flat on the ground, with your body lightly raised. Your arms would have to be straight in line with your back and head and with the rest of the body. Hold this pose for 10 counts and relax. Do about 5 more repetitions of the same.

After you’re done with the pushup pose, support your upper body on the palms of your hands and raise it up straight. Relax and repeat after 10 counts. After you have completed the upward pushup pose, lift your buttocks to the air while keeping your feet and palms firmly on the ground. Do this for 10 seconds and relax. You can alternate between the upward and the downward pushup pose.

Stand with your feet as wide as possible and bend one knee forward while stretching the other leg and knee out completely. Keep your hands stretched and palms facing down. Breathe deeply while keeping your head turned toward your bent knee’s direction. Do the same with the other leg. After finishing the fighter pose, rest your elbow on the knee that is bent and stretch the other hand over your head to be in line with the stretched leg. Look up and breathe deeply. Stretch your legs out while standing and kneel on one knee and straighten the foot to point outward. Keep the other leg raised and flat-footed on the ground. Twist your upper body and hold your hands in the prayer position. Repeat on for the other side as well.

Finally, the eagle pose is where you stand on one foot and curl your other foot around the calf of the standing leg, forward. While you do this, twist your hands like a vine and hold in front of your chest.Hold this pose for a few seconds and release. Finish off the routine with some relaxed breathing while lying down.

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