Q&A: Women Dieting Difficulties

women and dietAlmost every women went on diet at least once. Either is necessary or not, it’s worth trying, as it may bring spectacular results. This article answers basic questions about dieting difficulties.

1. Who goes on diet?

Women of course! However lately men care about their bodies much more than before, but still their diets are not as restrictive in case of women. Women are more persistent and determined than men. Over 40% men with overweight believe that their silhouette is fine. Because who would care about one bear, or two, or four…

For the first time women try to slim down when they are around 26 years old. Slowing metabolism and changing a lifestyle e.g. sitting job, are reason for which we start to notice extra, unplanned kilos. Many girls starts dieting way much earlier – between 14 and 20 year, when they don’t feel attractive comparing with their friends, or celebrities.

2. Why?

There is whole mass of reasons for going on diet, but mostly it’s because of “shrinking clothes”, comparing with yourself on pictures from pasts years, breaking up with partner and incoming bikini season. Women rivalry is also connected with need of being “the slimmer” is also influential.

3. What are the obstacles?

It seems to be simple – do not it several or a dozen of products. But yet it is hard. What tempts us most? First of all alcohol, chips, chocolate, cheese, sugar in coffee and tea, and of course tiny, innocent cookie for your coffee. It also hard to organize whole diet, separate cooking for the family or regular meals during dieting.

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